Carbon Sense City Spa

Opening hours

Monday 10am – 6.30pm
Tuesday 10am – 6.30pm
Wednesday 10am – 6.30pm
Thursday 10am – 6.30pm
Friday 10am – 6.30pm
Saturday 10am – 6.30pm
Sunday 10am – 4.40pm

Due to Corona, we work in time blocks and allow a maximum number of people. Book in time via Do you want to book your treatment? This is possible on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and weekend days (the hammam area is still closed).

On the fifth floor of Carbon Hotel is the Carbon Sense City Spa, which offers a haven of perfect harmony and serenity for the traveler. It is a wonderful place to spend quality time escaping from the busy agendas and daily stresses of life.

Carbon Sense City Spa is a 700 m² facility, where a professional team will take you on a journey to explore the depths of your senses. The skilled hands of our therapists will rejuvenate your body and mind, stimulating a sort of rebirth for your skin. The main focus of Carbon Sense City Spa is a pleasurable experience and excellent results for our customers. Total wellness and relaxation, stimulation of all senses and results beyond expectation are our key goals.

In Carbon Sense City Spa, we work toward actual improvement in your skin, a balance between body and spirit, combined with the genuine healing effects of total wellness.

Carbon Sense City Spa offers you everything you look for in beauty treatments, massages and health advice. As a guest of Carbon Hotel you have unlimited access to the Carbon Sense City Spa.

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