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The data on this site is solely provided with a view to providing information about Different Hotel Group and the services offered by Different Hotel Group. Different Hotel Group makes every reasonable efforts to ensure that this information is correct at the moment of inclusion, which does not mean that this site may contain incomplete or inaccurate information or information that is not up to date. Different Hotel Group reserves the right to supplement, change, correct or remove any offered information at any moment, without any notification and without this giving rise to any liability on the part of Different Hotel Group. Different Hotel Group explicitly excludes any warranty or guarantee regarding the provided information in so far this is legally possible and can under no circumstance be held liable for any direct damage or consequential damages. The copyright to all offered information lies with Different Hotel Group and this information can therefore not be reproduced or disclosed without Different Hotel Group's prior and explicit permission.



Article 1.

Barring special written provisions of an authorised person, the current general terms and conditions apply to all obligations of Different Hotel Group NV. These terms and conditions are specified on the website www.differenthotels.be. This is considered sufficient notification. The tacit acceptance is implied by visiting our premises or receipt of our documents or services.

Article 2.

The services and rates are determined freely by the Management, which reserves the right to change them.

Article 3.

The hotel keeper is only liable for damage, destruction or theft of items of a hotel guest staying at the hotel, for a maximum amount of hundred times the room price per day at the hotel unless the item was effectively given in storage, the hotel keeper refused to take securities, money and valuables in storage or when the damage is the result of a mistake of the hotel keeper. The hotel keeper cannot be held liable if the damage was caused by the guest or the person staying, visiting or working with him/her; armed robbery or the nature of the item or defects. At the risk of forfeiting all right to damages, the hotel guest must immediately notify the damage to the hotel keeper following detection.

Article 4.

An invoice is only sent to the customer if requested, barring when issuing an invoice is required by law. The price is payable in cash, net and without reduction. In case of non-payment the price will be increased by operation of law with delayed interest at the conventional interest rate of 12% and with fixed damages of 10% with a minimum of EUR 75 and a maximum of EUR 1,500 for each collection. Moreover, every late payment of a single invoice of Different Hotel Group NV entitles Different Hotel Group NV to suspend any current service. As the case may be, Different Hotel Group NV can also invoke the right to dissolution. These decisions can be made by operation of law and without notice of default. All goods of the hotel guest at the hotel shall be kept by way of guarantee until full payment of the owed amounts. Any complaint regarding the quality of received services needs to be formulated within 3 days after delivery. Possible complaints about the correctness of the invoice must be formulated in writing within 7 days after sending the invoice.

Article 5.

Different Hotel Group NV, if it so desires, by operation of law and without requiring any justification, shall subject any acceptance of an order, any reservation or any service to be provided or continued to the full or partial payment of the sums it is or shall be owed by way of advance, reduction or full settlement, even anticipatory.

Article 6.

Any dispute belongs to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Tongeren and barring any lawful provision to the contrary it shall be governed by Belgian law. We reserve the right to waive this clause in case of collection.

Article 7A.

Standard terms and conditions of cancellation – flexible rate:

Individual booking (1 to 10 rooms)

In case of cancellation after 11 am the day of arrival 100% of the reservation amount* is payable by you. In case of a no show, 100% of the reservation value* is payable by you.

The non-refundable rate:

This reservation has been fully paid in advance. In case of cancellation, change or no show, the amount cannot be reimbursed.

Did you book a member only rate? In this case the conditions of the non-refundable rate apply.

Article 7B.

Standard payment and cancellation condition for groups (from 10 rooms and more)

Groups (from 10 rooms)

In case of cancellation more than 3 months before the arrival date no costs are charged. In case of cancellation more than 2 months before the arrival date 15% of the reservation amount is charged. In case of cancellation more than 1 month before the arrival date 35% of the reservation amount is charged. In case of cancellation more than 7 days before the arrival date 85% of the reservation amount is charged. In case of cancellation 7 days or less before the start date, 100% of the reservation amount is payable. No show & earlier departure date: 100% of the reservation amount is payable*.

*The reservation amount is the amount of the confirmed price multiplied by the number of reserved nights.

Price Preconditions:

Belgium clients (in country): 50% of the reservation costs when confirmed; 10 days before event the other 25% and remaining 25% plus extras can be billed via invoice.

International: 50% of the reservation costs upon confirmation, 10 days before the event the remaining 50% of the reservation costs. It is not possible to send an invoice outside Belgium. All extras are calculated and charged.

Organizations, agencies such as VZW, private groups, MICE offices, clubs, professional groups and other intermediaries: 50% of the reservation costs upon confirmation, 10 days before the event the remaining 50% of the reservation costs. All extras are calculated and charged. It is not possible to send an invoice.

Article 8

On checking in, the customer must make a credit card available and the Different Hotel in question shall record the details. If the customer does not make the payment within the agreed period, or uses the facilities (e.g. mini-bar, wellness, bar, restaurant, etc.) which were not specified on checking out, the hotel is entitled to deduct them from the credit card, provided the details of the settlement are given to the customer, either electronically or by post. In any case, the customer must contest the payment within 8 days in writing if he/she thinks it was not justified.

Term of payment:

The term of payment of an invoice drawn up by Different Hotel Group or one the hotels amounts to 30 calendar days, starting on the day the invoice was sent.


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The Flemish Department of Foreign Affairs (Departement International Vlaanderen)

The Flemish Department of Foreign Affairs is the body competent for issuing the touristic permit and where any further information can be obtained and the regulations regarding the operation of a tourist accommodation and the legal remedies that are generally available in case of disputs and where tourists can file a complaint.

The Flemish Department of Foreign Affairs: Boudewijnlaan 30 bus 80, 1000 Brussel. 0032 2 55 329 50. logies@iv.vlaanderen.be